Why SteelBerry Ornaments?

Custom ornaments are always a great fundraising or promotional item. Year after year they become a collectible that people look forward to receiving.

Our designers especially enjoy creating custom ornaments knowing that their designs will warm peoples homes and become lasting memories.

We have a large variety of custom ornaments from which to choose. From the affordable printed option to fully cubic die cast ornaments. Each process is unique and enables our customers to find an ornament solution to fit their budget and needs

More than Ornaments

Here at Steelberry we take pride in every order and ornament that we create and design for our customers. We not only truly love the ornaments that are made, but we cherish the opportunity to create an ornament that is hung on the tree for years to come.  Every ornament is a memory and we love to create new memories and help relive past memories.  WE MAKE MORE THAN JUST ORNAMENTS WE MAKE MEMORIES

Custom Ornaments vs. Custom Decorated Ornaments

While we offer many ornaments made from different types of material.  We have two distinct categories of ornaments.  Custom Designed Ornaments and Custom Decorated Ornaments.  Custom Designed Ornaments are ornaments are completely custom to the specific order or customer.  With a Custom Decorated Ornaments we can only add a image or designed graphic to the ornament.  Both are categories of ornaments are extremly beautiful and made with pride from our desingers.